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John and his bride of fifty-one years, Jill, are retired teachers, living in Vancouver, Washington. John bought his first SLR (remember those – film only?) when an insert offering a Petrie 35mm camera and three lenses came with his Union 76 credit card statement. Remembering there were a lot of photos of his big brother, many fewer of him, and even fewer of his younger brother, he swore his future kiddos would all get their fair share of individual images of their early lives. Two weeks later the camera arrived and his passion for photography was born.

Discovering that the ten and eleven year old students in his classroom loved to see themselves in photos also helped. Yes, the kids at the beginning of each new school year would complain about the incessant snapping and flashing of their teacher’s camera, but they soon relaxed and carried on with being kids. John had discovered an important key to people photography – keep shooting; people soon forget you’re there and then the magic begins to happen!

John eventually graduated to his trusty Minolta 7000i, then began twinking around with a small digital point-and-shooter. Once he was convinced that digital was on a level playing field with film photography, he jumped in and bought his first DSLR, a Canon 20D. He once read that a Sports Illustrated photographer had shot miles of film for the swimsuit spread, and he proclaimed to fellow photographers that “anybody can capture a few great photos with that much film!” Well, now armed with a quality DSLR, three lenses, and unlimited frames, John had the opportunity to “put up or shut up.”

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