In the Spring of 2014, I began to have a sense that the Lord was moving me out of photography, particularly my involvement as a photographer for our church, Crossroads Community Church of Vancouver, Washington. In the previous half dozen years, I’d offered my camera to record the events of the various ministries and accompany our annual mission outreaches to Mexico as well as to Nicaragua and Nairobi, Kenya. It wasn’t a full time endeavor shooting for Crossroads, but between that and my own personal photography and website, I was kept quite busy.

Having retired from teaching eight years earlier, I’d since thrown my hat back into the educational ring, this time around with our church’s Sunday School. Our Children’s Ministry leaders were looking at moving to a new curriculum and I offered to give a hand in the process. It didn’t take long to realize that, whatever company’s materials we used, there would be a need to rewrite the lessons for our teachers, the vast majority of whom are not educators.

As I became more and more involved with our Sunday School’s curriculum and teaching little ones, I looked to replace myself as a photographer for Crossroads, particularly with one ministry, Second Saturday, a monthly photo shoot that regularly involved 2500+ images that would be culled down to 250 - 300 keepers. I talked with one person with an eye for photography who said they’d be willing to cover the ministry’s outreaches into the community. Though they didn’t follow through with their commitment, there would soon be an explosion of talented photographers throughout the church’s ministries.

And I would be lying on a neurosurgeon’s operating table three days before Christmas of 2014, having several floating pieces of a disc removed. My days as a photographer and the rigors involved were over. If I required further confirmation, I needed to look no further than my website; the software became incommunicado.

My involvement with Children’s increased and completely filled the void of photography to the point where I gave all of my equipment to a young lady with a passion for developing her considerable photographic skills.

I’d created a second website before my surgery but hadn’t added a photo to it in the next five-plus years. I’ve always had an iPhone in my pocket and have occasionally enjoyed capturing an image of the grandkiddos and nature, but I’d left serious photography behind.

Recently, when it came time to renew my website, I decided to explore other options with the thought in mind of having some fun downloading my favorites photos over the years. But, sure enough, when it came time to post photos from the past six years, I found there were very few to choose from.

Being sequestered at home due to COVID-19 and not working on church curriculum over the past several months has resulted in a little more time on my hands. Consequently – this website. Jill and I take frequent walks through the local environs and I’ve been keeping my eyes open to what’s available in nearby gardens and yards. I’ve decided I’ll take some time and see just what this fancy phone/camera is capable of. As a famous photographer once said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

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